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Launched in June 2011 the Purple Party parlour is already starting to wow those of discerning taste - come and join in the fun! Make, decorate, eat and take the rest home as a party bag.

Groups of between 10 and 18, £12.95 per head including the meal and drinks all ingredients and a dedicated party organiser.

Mix, Bake and Decorate

Make the recipe, fill the moulds and while they're cooking you will enjoying a superb home cooked meal. Then it's straight back to decorating cupcakes or cookies, time to scoff the odd one and then bag up the remainer to take home!

It's a fun learning experience designed to entertain and teach some basic cooking skills - 1.5 hours full of activity.

For older 'young ladies' there is the option of adding a cocktail to the fun - ideal as a hen party day activity!

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